Mayor Yap emphasizes the need for contingency plans

The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) chaired by City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap spearheaded a four-day training workshop among the key players in disaster response and management. The CDRRM, City PNP, City Fire, City Health, City Traffic and Management, City Media Bureau, ALERT, CHARL, and the barangay officials of Brgy. Cogon convened to prepare and draft out plans in case of human induced disasters. Mayor Yap has tasked the CDRRM to prioritize these plans and stressed its importance, “We have to outline a clear and specific points for action in case of fire and break-out of accidents in mass gatherings. This is crucial, specifically in Brgy. Cogon where the population is so dense. Crafting a detailed contingency plan will totally make a difference in reducing the casualty and responding to the victims’ immediate needs. For mass gatherings, the onset of Saulog is expected to draw in large crowds. We have to be on guard and prepare for worst-case scenarios”, Yap said.  CDRRM Officer Gerard Lavadia provided the inputs for the drafting of the contingency plans. According to UNHCR, Contingency Planning (CP) is a forward planning process in a state of uncertainty in where scenarios and objectives are agreed, managerial and technical actions defined, potential response systems put in place to prevent or better respond to an emergency. It is a management process that analyzes specific potential events in a state of uncertainty, and establishes response arrangements.  CP is mandated in Rule 6, Section 4 (3) of IRR of RA 10121 which states, “The Provincial, City and Municipal DRRMOs or BDRRMCs, in coordination with concerned national agencies and instrumentalities, shall facilitate and support risk assessments and contingency planning activities at the local level.”

The CP addresses issues related to emergencies such as the essential use of time, the CP outlines how you can maximize time in limiting the number of casualties and how can response be immediately deployed in the scene. The enormous needs during emergencies will also be answered by the CP through a clear identification of roles, as well as the complex coordination needed during such human induced disasters. Mayor Yap has always reiterated the value of preparedness and even equipped the CDRRM with the much-needed logistics to capacitate and strengthen its operations, “We have invested a sizable amount to enhance the response mechanism of our CDRRM. To date, we already have 3 ambulances, a rescue truck, a fire truck, a water tanker, search and rescue gadgets, LED boards, and a state-of-the art command center. All these are geared to increase the resiliency of Tagbilaran City and mitigate the ill effects of calamities”, Yap emphasized.

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