Tagbilaran City releases guidelines for the opening of salons and barbershops

          Through the Office of the City Administrator Cathelyn Torremocha, the City Government of Tagbilaran issued minimum requirements for the opening of barbershops and salons. These instructions were based on the guidelines set by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

          The owners of these establishments are mandated to submit proof of compliance by submitting pictures to the City Administrator’s Office within a period of 10 (ten) days after the receipt of the notice. The rules specifically tasked all barber shops and salons to post signages regarding the use of face masks, social distancing, and the prohibition of bringing unnecessary companions. Further, an alcohol should be placed at the entrance, along with a foot bath disinfectant. The guard should check all the clients / individuals entering the establishment with a thermal scanner. Certain protocols should also be in place like distancing of chairs for at least 1 meter apart, visible markings to guide the clients, proper ventilation, courtesy booth where all the personal effects of the clients will be deposited, sanitizing equipment and tools, and plastic-covered furniture.

         The proper disposal of waste and regular disinfection of the business establishment are also required. This includes the sterilization of the workstations before and after each service. The use of cashless payment is also encouraged. Specific employee protocols should also be observed. DTI will strictly monitor that employees with COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 patients will not be allowed to work, wearing of any piece of jewelry will be strictly prohibited, employees should observe proper personal hygiene, and the mandatory wearing of face mask, face shield, eyeglasses or goggles, hair caps, and closed shoes. Business owners should also fill-out the Workplace Health Contingency Plan, the forms can be secured in the City Administrator’s Office.

         A joint inspection team from the City Government and the DTI will be conducting an inspection of all business establishments, failure to comply with the guidelines can be the basis for the suspension of the business operation. City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap remains optimistic that the local economy can bounce back from this pandemic, “We will move forward and look ahead to the promise of a bright future. We will not be saddled with fear, instead we will all strive to follow the safety guidelines issued by the national government. These measures will help us to be mindful and vigilant about our safety. We need to help each other fight this invisible enemy; we will not allow it to cripple our local economy”, Yap said.