More than 82k individuals get QR code

          As of January 7, 82,983 Tagbilaranons already got their respective QR codes, while residents from other municipalities in Bohol who applied for QR codes totaled to 13,563. This initiative is pursuant to Executive Order No. 41 Series of 2020 by the City Government of Tagbilaran. Thru the City DRMM, the provision of QR codes to Boholanos will be soon be completed. This system will help streamline the contact tracing process for confirmed COVID-19 patients by using the digital technology to identify possible close contacts, eliminating the traditional health declaration forms by using digital logs when entering public and private establishments. Instead of writing your contact details on a piece of paper, the QR code can be shown to any establishments within Tagbilaran. which can be scanned using a mobile phone.  Once scanned and verified, the database will show the whereabouts of the individual in a certain establishment at certain time. The system also flags individuals who are under quarantine. The scanner will send an alert to the establishment is an individual is placed under quarantine. The QR code can be stored in your mobile phone or you can print it like an ID.

         City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap said that this is a major leap towards adjusting to the new normal, “The QR code would help us in our fight against COVID-19. By observing strict health protocols like wearing our masks, washing our hands, and observing physical distancing, and QR codes, we can proceed with our daily transactions. This will assure customers they can visit and transact with establishments. Aside from facilitating faster contact tracing, these QR codes can give our businesses the much-needed boost”, Yap said. The CDRRM already deployed 448 verifier apps to business establishments within Tagbilaran.

         QR codes registration is currently on the move in the City Hall Grounds and in designated stations in the 15 barangays. Tagbilaranons aged 15 and up will be provided with a QR code. The contact tracing system was developed by Revosys, a Tagbilaran-based developer. A Memorandum of Agreement was forged between the City Government and Revosys. The CDRRM already deployed 448 verifier apps to business establishments in Tagbilaran.

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