Tagbilaran City supports Plantorama Exhibit 2021 in ICM

Plants have provided a relief during this pandemic. Keeping one’s sanity intact, the gardener in us provided the much-needed diversion that was plagued by worries and uncertainties of the COVID-19 health crisis. The rise of the plantitos and plantitas gave way to plant entrepreneurs. And the City Agrivet Office wasted no time and also seized this opportunity to encourage plant growers to transform the green-thumbing hobby to a more lucrative career.

In partnership with Plantorama, a group of plant growers based in Tagbilaran City, the City Agrivet forged a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) pledging promotional support to all the initiatives of the group. First in the list was the Plantorama Exhibit in the Island City Mall which ran from January 11 to 16. The plant exhibit showcased various plants from ornamentals, backyard, and landscaping. According to Dr. Genette Egos, the next batch of the exhibit would also highlight vegetables and fruit bearing plants. City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap fully supported the initiative, along with First Lady Jane Yap. FL Yap who is a certified plantita herself emphasized its value, “The peace and serenity which we get from growing plants are indeed therapeutic. Tending plants is a temporary distraction from the stress brought about by the pandemic and it allows us to focus our energy to a more fruitful endeavor”, FL Yap said. The following plant growers participated in the week-long exhibit, Boss Flower Stand & Metal Works, Hanianah Plants & Flowers, G-Bohol Plants, Garden of Eden, Desert Spawn, Rose Garden, Rinette’s Green Alley, Mel’s Beauty Garden,  Jeah’s Gardenville, Christine’s Plants, Pots & Fashion Trends, LJ Ornamental Plants, Claudia’s Mini Garden, Egee’s Garden, Cheya’s Plants, Ornamental Plants Garden Maxine, Beehive57 Gardenscape, Yadnii’s Greenery Garden, Tonet’s Garden and Landscaping, and Health Wealth International Corp.

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