“We are all aware of what ICT can provide in terms of job generation, stimulating the local economy, ending talent migration as well as increasing revenues of the city. We desire to make ICT a major economic stream in Bohol not only for Tagbilaran City but to include the rural areas because increased local employment would also mean that the people from these areas no longer need to relocate abroad to get employed,” emphasized Mayor Jane Yap during her presentation in the ICT conference in Boracay.

The National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) Visayas ICT Cluster Organization (VICTOR) invited Mayor Jane Yap as one of its panelists in the 10th Visayas ICT Conference (VICTOR) in Boracay. Mayor Jane Yap proudly showcased Tagbilaran City’s journey towards digital transformation. The local chief executive reinforced that the shift was a product of fruitful and effective partnerships which ultimately shaped the digital ecosystem in the city.