Mayor Yap celebrates with City DepEd

The Tagbilaran City DepEd Division gathered once again to celebrate its 16th Founding Anniversary themed with “Sailing Stronger, Reaching Higher @ 16”. This annual fete is an occasion where the City Division recognizes and affirms the valuable contribution of the public-school teachers in the advancement of education in the City.

City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap in his message underscored the proactive partnership of the City Government and the City DepEd, “We in the city government will always be your faithful partner in uplifting the quality of our education. We have the Special Education Fund to finance the city’s various programs for education.  To encourage more students to attend school, we continue to provide our public-school students with free school supplies, bags and school uniforms.  We also provide feeding programs, medical, dental, and laboratory supplies, various tools for vocational programs, science equipment, sports equipment, and incentives.  Continuous improvement of the school infrastructure is also our priority.  In fact, the construction of additional classrooms, covered courts and pavements has been constantly on the move. I am happy to say that our partnership has accomplished so much. With our unified effort, we hope to see a better future for our children and our people as we work together for a progressive and united Tagbilaran”, Yap said. Notable personnel from the Division attended the event led by DepEd Region 7, Dr. Emerson Degamo, Governor Edgar Chatto, Cong. Rene Relampagos, Former City DepEd Superintendent Dr. Virginia Zapanta, OIC-City DepEd Superintendent Dr. Neri Ojastro, City SDS Dr. Marcelo Palispis, CID Chief Dr. Elisea Dela Torre, and SGOD Chief Dr. Beatriz Luga.  

Mayor Yap supports e-payment social media promotions

Paying online has been trailblazed by the City Government last year, with the e-payments being adopted by the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) and the City Treasurer’s Office in all the payment of taxes. Two accredited banks, DBP and Landbank, were tapped to partner with this endeavor. With the help of USAID-SURGE, the project took off. City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the external stakeholders to seal off the commitment. Mayor Yap during his panel defense for the Most Business Friendly award among the Philippine Camber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) judges emphasized the value of e-payments, “Paying online is one of the innovations that we have adopted in the City. We believe that it would be a game-changer in the way we deal with our financial transactions”, Yap said.

To date, the USAID e-Peso represented by Cheryl Balingit and Vicky Puzon conducted a two-day training on how to promote paying online using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Balingit reiterated the importance of paying online in the first session, “With health, we know that our aim is to improve the health conditions of an area. But for e-peso, why do we need to convert cash into electronics? Because it can drive economic growth, paying online removes frictions in the transaction. Like for example, big businesses need to transfer money to the suppliers, the old practice is to use checks. But if you have a way to transfer the money electronically, it will improve efficiency. Moreover, e-payment accelerates financial inclusion, only 26% of the whole population maintains a bank account, a large chunk of Filipinos remains unbanked. Even if people are far from commercial institutions, they can still do banking with e-payment. And I think the most obvious benefits of paying online is it promotes safety, convenience, and transparency, said Balingit. Latest data shows that the rate of e-payment transactions in the Philippines is at 2%. Thus, intensive promotions are undertaken to increase e-payment subscribers. Balingit said the aim is to improve the enabling environment for e-payments, support the expansion of e-payment infrastructure to increase the volume of e-payments transaction volume, and expand e-payment adoption in partner cities. Communication and M & E specialist Vicki Puzon that people have to change its perception with regards to paying online. Issues surrounding its safety should be addressed. Thus, Puzon said that before designing a campaign for e-payments, barriers must be identified first to come up with solutions and address specific behaviors. Awareness raising should start with the identification of the barriers and providing logistical information to motivate people in trying out a new behavior. With the advent of social media, Puzon said this would be an ideal platform to raise awareness. To date, there are 124.2 million in the Philippines who have mobile subscription and out of this number, 76 million are active users of social media.

Liga Provincial Congress Laguna Chapter

Barangay Governance is an effective jumping board to leverage our initiatives to a greater whole. If we want to spur development, it is most crucial if we prioritize our barangays. Notwithstanding its readiness amidst natural and man-made disasters. This was the gist of the Liga Provincial Congress of Laguna held in Tagbilaran City. Led by Laguna Vice-Governor Karen Agapay and Laguna DILG Provincial Director Engr. John Cerez, the occasion saw the convening together of all the barangay officials in Laguna pursuing a common cause. City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap also reiterated the importance of resiliency and cited Tagbilaran City’s strategic measures in disaster preparedness.

Mayor Yap supports a livelihood project for women

City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap with the women’s organization in Brgy. Dampas led by Brgy. Kagawad Melia Anit.

It was during the culmination program of the women’s month celebration that City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap announced the livelihood program for the women’s organization in Tagbilaran, “I fully recognize the valuable contributions of the women in the community. You serve as an anchor in your family, being the one who nurtures your children and look after the needs of your husbands. Your role in the community can also never be denied. You have been a major catalyst in the various programs of the City Government. Thus, it is my desire to empower and capacitate you through a micro-financing program. The City Government will give Php300,000.00 as capital in each of the women’s organization in every barangay. But you have to submit a financial plan detailing how you will utilize the financial assistance. You have to make sure that the project will be sustainable, so that the capital infusion given you will be recouped”, Yap said. Mayor Yap also took the opportunity to thank Deputy Speaker and Cong. Art Yap for the Php15 million financial assistance given to Tagbilaran City. The affair served as the culmination program for the Women’s Month Celebration in the City. Prior to the event, series of activities were already conducted to enrich the knowledge and skills of the women groups. Exposure trips, skills training, and a free manicure and pedicure session were held. Tagbilaran City Women’s Coordinator Margie Buhay thanked all the barangay women coordinators for their active participation.

Young Public Servants convene in Tagbilaran City

It was an event buzzing with youthfulness and dynamism as City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap welcomed the Liga ng mga Barangay Congress delegates from the City of San Pablo, Laguna. Mayor Yap in his welcome message stressed the importance of the good governance in the barangays, “In the eyes of our constituents in the barangays, you are the closest thing that represents our government. It is your sincerity, dedication and service to your respective constituencies that will establish the trust between the people and the government. And when good governance and citizen mobilization come together, barangays become centers of progress and innovation,” Yap said.

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