Citizen’s Charter


The Citizens Charter of Tagbilaran City serves as a guidebook of key government services. This guidebook is a product of the City’s efforts to improve its performance in the delivery of its frontline services.

This document is a marked improvement of the efforts of the Tagbilaran City Government to empower its citizenry by promoting transparency and accountability in service delivery. It is designed to promote good governance by operationalizing its four elements:

» accountability or the building of government capacity to make public officials answerable to the people

» participation or participatory development process that ensures people’s access to institutions that promote development

» predictability or legal frameworks, which is not only the presence of rules that regulate behavior but also their fair and consistent application, and

» transparency or information openness, the availability of information to the general public.

This guidebook describes the key services of the City Government, written for the benefit of its customers. Its strength lies in the way the services are presented: the step-by-step procedure for availing each service, the response time for its delivery, and the City Hall officers and staff responsible of the service. These information are complemented by a list of requirements a customer must comply to facilitate service delivery.


Goal Statements

Social Development Goal
To create a spiritually animated, gender sensitive, family-oriented, culturally vibrant, educated, safe and healthy community with equitable access to broad range of services and adequate facilities.

Economic Development Goal
To attain a dynamic economy that promotes the development of the people’s entrepreneurial spirit and the generation of sustainable and dignified employment opportunities steered by a partnership of investors and a highly participative labor, affording an equitable sharing of benefits.

Environmental Development Goal
To develop an environment-friendly community sustainably managing its land, coastal, water and energy resources and ambient air quality that enhances biodiversity and balanced ecology.

Physical and Infrastructure Development Goal
To have an adequately developed infrastructure that supports balanced socioeconomic growth and environmental protection, taking into account the eco-cultural landscape and the carrying capacity of the city’s ecological resources

Development Administration Development Goal
To maintain a proactive, service-oriented and efficient governance adhering to sustainable development principles through an effective partnership of a transparent and accountable local government, a participative civil society and a socially responsible private sector.