Tagbilaran City’s 54th Charter Day  

Memorandum issued by Governor Constancio Torralba declaring July 1, 1991, a non-working holiday. July 1, 1991 was also the 25th Charter Day Silver Celebration.Moreover last February 20, 1997, Republic Act 8267 was approved — declaring July One of Every Year as a Non-Working Special Public Holiday for the City of Tagbilaran to be known as “TAGBILARAN CITY CHARTER DAY”, and for other purposes. Section 1. The City of Tagbilaran was chartered as a city on July 1, 1966 by virtue of Republic Act No. 4660. Thereafter, it was recognized as a component city of the Province of Bohol.Sec. 2. July one of every year is hereby declared a nonworking special public holiday for the City of Tagbilaran to commemorate its charter day.Sec. 3. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

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