Invitation to Bid

» ITB No. 1810-377 Proc. of Goods (Supply and Installation of Integrated Customer Management and Query Interaction System Pattern for City Government of Tagbilaran Business Operation with Centralized Remote Console)

» ITB No. 1810-359 Proc. of Infra (Road Concreting of Rizal Street)

» ITB No. 1810-364 Proc. of Goods (Anatomical Model and Others)

» ITB No. 1810-366 Proc. of Goods (Ambulance Supplies and Equipment)

» ITB No. 1810-354 Proc. of Goods (Supply and Installation of EWS with Pole)

» ITB No. 1808-306 Proc. of Infra (Proposed Phase VIII Installation of Modern Street Illumination Project at Enerio Street & CPG East Ave. & Dao Tiptip Road) – Rebid

» ITB No. 1809-347 Proc. of Goods (IT and Office Equipment)

» ITB No. 1809-346 Proc. of Goods (Unleaded Gasoline and Diesel)

» ITB No. 1809-345 Proc. of Goods (Polo Shirt with Print and Logo)

» ITB No. 1809-335 Proc. of Infra (Road Concreting of M. Torralba Street)

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